Doug Fox Parking

The Closest Lot to Sea‑Tac Airport

Doug Fox Parking

The Closest Lot to Sea‑Tac Airport

Up to 30% off advance booking, or longer stays

Airport parking near Sea-Tac can often sell out during peak travel periods. At Doug Fox you can reserve and guarantee your space months in advance and usually at a significant discount.

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Closest lot to Sea-Tac Airport

Arrive to your gate safely and quickly. We run on demand: when you’re ready to go, so are we.

Pick-Up and Drop-off Directly at Your Vehicle

No need to schlep, let us do the work!

100% Safe-Park

You park, you lock and we pick you up right at your car—like a valet, but safer. Customers keep their keys at all times which means no one has access to your vehicle but you.

Open 24/7, 365 Days a Year

No matter when your travels, you can count on Doug Fox Parking.

Online Reservation and Point Club Membership

We reward our loyal patrons with exclusive discounts and FREE parking. Book online and start saving.

First-Class Customer Service, Guaranteed!

Our friendly shuttle drivers assist with your luggage while you enjoy a complementary copy of the morning paper and bottled water.